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The Austin Map Project has not been tested on all browsers. I am working on making it compatible for as many browsers as possible. As do many other sites, I recommend the use of Mozilla's Firefox. Here are the browsers which this site has been tested to work with:

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.x
Completely Compatible

Internet Explorer 5.0
Partially Compatible
Transparency does not work with this browser. At the highest zoom levels, arrows will display large gray boxes around them:
A partial workaround for this may be implemented eventually, but if you're running this browser, it would be a good idea to upgrade anyway. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 version is available.

Internet Explorer 5.5+
Mostly Compatible
One feature of the map is that you can drag and scroll it; dragging is also important for specifying the direction of a picture when you're contributing. On this browser, you can't drag for more than a few pixels before the action stops and the cursor changes to a circle with a line through it. This is a quirk unique to this browser that isn't prohibitive, just a little annoying. This information will change when and if a solution is found for this problem.


If you would like to request that I make the site compatible with a browser not listed here, I will do my best to make that possible. (If you are using a very old browser, it likely won't be possible.) Send me an email.