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In order to add your pictures, you must submit information on where your picture was taken.
If you have no idea where your picture was taken, you may skip this step, and an administrator will attempt to place it.
1.  Click here to switch to contribute mode. (Using the Mozilla Firefox browser is recommended over Internet Explorer; the controls are much more smooth and easy to use.)
2.  Navigate to the position on the map where the picture was taken, and zoom all the way in.
3.  Left-click the location on the map where you were standing when you took the picture.
4.  Click and drag on the map to move the arrow in order to indicate the direction your camera was pointing when you took the picture.*
5.  When the + and arrow are in the correct positions on the map, click the "Submit" button to enter the rest of the information about the picture in this frame.

I can't remember where my picture was taken or find it on the map.
If you have difficulty locating the exact location on the map where the picture was taken, it might be helpful to use Google Maps as a reference for newer streets. Eventually, newer map data and satellite images will be integrated with the map on this site. If you're still not sure as to the location, you may skip this step and provide any information you can remember on the next page so that an administrator can place the picture for you later.

When will my picture be added?
You are not logged in or are not registered. You must be registered and logged in to contribute a picture. Eventually anonymous contributious will be accepted.

*You may click again to move the + sign, or click and drag to move the arrow.