Congress St. Bridge
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Location: Beneath the Congress Street Bridge, looking south @ Town Lake
Date Taken: Fri, October 21, 2005: 12:00 PM
(4 hours after sunrise)
Date Added: November 24, 2005
Artist: J. Steve Martin
Direction: South
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I shot this from the pedestrian path beneath the Congress St. Bridge on the North side, looking south. I was awaiting the evening "Bat show". You could hear the critters "squeaking".
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>> 11.  posted on Nov 24, 2005 : 6:37 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
The framing of this picture makes it look like a postcard. This is a great shot, especially with the bridge at right sloping across the foreground, and the lake curving off to the left.
>> 15.  posted on Nov 24, 2005 : 8:30 PM by J. Steve Martin (profile)
Thanks for the "props" on this photo Ari. Must say, my 17-55 mm lens makes this sort of thing pretty easy. Allow me to return the "props"... your project is a great idea and you're doing a fine job with it.
>> 16 [reply to 15].  posted on Nov 25, 2005 : 2:55 AM by Ari Schulman (profile)
Thank you, good sir!

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