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Location: Congress Avenue
Date Taken: Sat, December 3, 2005: 7:35 PM
(2 hours after sunset)
Date Added: December 3, 2005
Artist: Franzi
Direction: South / Southwest
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(the location might be a block or so off)
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>> 40.  posted on Dec 3, 2005 : 10:13 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
Wow. That is so pretty. Also I think the fastest turnaround between picture taken and added on the site.
>> 44 [reply to 40].  posted on Dec 9, 2005 : 1:33 PM by Franzi (profile)
i kind of already knew i was going to post it when i took it. does that make me lame?
>> 45 [reply to 44].  posted on Dec 9, 2005 : 3:15 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
No! That's the intention.

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