Sunset #309580193
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Location: the Castilian
Date Taken: Thu, January 19, 2006: 6:07 PM
(17 minutes after sunset)
Date Added: January 23, 2006
Artist: Franzi
Direction: West
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I don't really have that many sunset pictures. Close, though.
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>> 60.  posted on Jan 23, 2006 : 6:16 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
I thought maybe that was supposed to be number of sunsets since the dawn of man or time or Earth or something. 309580193 sunsets = about 848,000 years. This is a great picture though. I remember seeing that sunset, though I can't remember what I was doing.
>> 61 [reply to 60].  posted on Jan 23, 2006 : 6:19 PM by Franzi (profile)
haha. you are so totally smirking right now.
and, i'm not as smart as you. i can't instantaneously figure out how many sunsets there have been since some event.
>> 62 [reply to 61].  posted on Jan 23, 2006 : 6:30 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
My smartness = Start >> Program Files >> Accessories >> Calculator

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