Brentwood Sunset
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Location: Brentwood Park
Date Taken: Tue, March 8, 2005: 6:37 PM
(6 minutes after sunset)
Date Added: June 9, 2006
Artist: Sixgun
Direction: West / Southwest
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Sunset at Brentwood Park, Crestview section.
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>> 104.  posted on Jun 11, 2006 : 12:12 AM by Ari Schulman (profile)
Great colors on this one. I feel like I can remember this sunset, though perhaps not.
>> 105 [reply to 104].  posted on Jun 12, 2006 : 5:00 PM by Sixgun (profile)
We don't get sunsets like this too often. Usually the clouds clear out just before the sun goes down.

I'm digging around for some more night shots somewhere on my hard drive. Glad you like them.
>> 109 [reply to 105].  posted on Jun 18, 2006 : 12:10 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
Yes, please keep them coming! I'm out of town most of the summer so I haven't commented on most of your pics, but I've seen them all and they're great.

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