Moore's Crossing Bridge
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Location: Richard Moya Park,
Date Taken: Sun, February 19, 2006: 5:00 PM
(1 hour before sunset)
Date Added: August 9, 2006
Artist: Photos by Moon
Direction: Southeast
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The Bridge at Moore’s Crossing is all that remains of the original 6 span Whipple Through Truss Bridge built on Congress Avenue over the Colorado River, in Austin, Texas. Built in 1884 by the King Iron Bridge Company of Cleveland, Ohio, at a cost of $45.000, had a span of 910 feet. It remained in service until 1910 when the city needed a wider bridge; it was dismantled and placed in storage. In 1915 3 spans were placed over a low water crossing at Onion Creek At Moore's Crossing, the area was named for John B Moore who owned a store there, but the sections washed away later that year. After a replacement bridge washed away again in 1921, the remaining 3 section of the Congress Avenue Bridge were used to rebuild the bridge in 1922. A Travis County engineer reported the bridge is 58 feet above Onion Creek and had the support piers elevated to 10 feet in order to save the bridge from future floods, the sections remain to this day. Moore's Crossing Bridge has been closed to vehicle traffic sometime in the 1990’s and is now a pedestrian bridge in Richard Moya Park, owned by the City of Austin. Handrails have been installed and a new decking, the bridge is very well maintained. A Texas historical marker is placed at the south end of the bridge. There are rumors of this bridge being haunted.
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