Burnt Orange over Memorial Stadium
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Location: Off of Harold Ct. in the COA road yard
Date Taken: Thu, August 10, 2006: 8:11 PM
(5 minutes before sunset)
Date Added: August 10, 2006
Artist: Photos by Moon
Direction: West
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A burnt orange sunset over Memorial Stadium and the University of Texas tower. Well it isn't really quite burnt orange, but close.
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>> 227.  posted on Nov 30, 2006 : 1:45 PM by Franzi (profile)
i love this picture
>> 133.  posted on Sep 19, 2006 : 2:13 PM by Franzi (profile)
this picture just became my desktop background
>> 119.  posted on Aug 11, 2006 : 12:09 AM by Ari Schulman (profile)
I love it when pictures make it onto the site the same day they're taken. My goal is to be able to have other people photograph the day for me so that I never have to leave the house again.
>> 120.  posted on Aug 12, 2006 : 2:02 AM by Skorz (profile)
10/10! What a great photo!

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