hail on canvas april 7th
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Location: bull creek area
Date Taken: (unknown)
Date Added: April 8, 2007
Artist: Strider
Direction: North / Northwest
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it built up about an inch on things, got pretty chilly. that's an awning.
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>> 302.  posted on Apr 8, 2007 : 10:20 PM by Ari Schulman (profile)
What is this a picture of?
>> 303 [reply to 302].  posted on Apr 9, 2007 : 12:52 AM by Strider
they say a picture's worth a thousand words, but in the your case the four words in THE TITLE are probably enough to answer your question, "what is this a picture of". IT IS HAIL on the surface of an awning.
>> 304 [reply to 303].  posted on Apr 9, 2007 : 1:07 AM by Ari Schulman (profile)
....sorry, I probably should have been more specific. I meant "what is the hail in this picture on?", but you answered that.
>> 305 [reply to 304].  posted on Apr 9, 2007 : 2:53 AM by Strider (profile)
didn't mean to be short, just dry.

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